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Monday 12/07/10 agosto 18, 2010

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Today, my mother has come to picked at ten o’clock in the morning. We have went to the beach and have bathed. Then we went to my grandmother’s house to ate an omelette. In the afternoon we went with a friend of my mother and her children to the cinema to watch a movie. At eight o’clock we went to his house to take a bath to the swimmingpool and dinner. At half past eleven I come home and I went to the bed.


Sunday 11/07/10

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Today, I get up at ten o’clock in the morning, I have breakfast and I went with my father to a beach. There we stayed with my cousin Gloria. We ate in a beach restaurant. Afte, we have bathed in a beach and we saw jellyfish. At six o’clock we went on that beach and we went back to see my aunt, which have operated. At eight I returned to my house.


Saturday 10/07/10

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Today, I get up at eight o’clock in the morning, I have breakfast and I went to the storeroom to get my bike. At nine o’clock, I went out with my bike. I went to my grandmoher’s house. I ate there. Then I stayed to watch a movie on TV giving. At six o’clock I’m back to leave my grandmother’s house with the bike and I came to my father’s house. When I returned, I showered, I had dinner and I went to sleep.


Friday 09/07/10

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Today, I get up at nine o’clock, I breakfast and went to the swimming pool of a friend of my father. There have not met sixteen persons to eat paella. At four o’clock we returned to Palma and we went to see my aunt, who had knee surgery. Then I went to my house and I did some homework.


Thursday 08/07/10

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Today, I get up at ten o’clock, I breakfast with my friend, because yesterday I was sleeping in his house. In the morning we went to a house that is in the Rápita. We have bathed in the swimmingpool and then we ate. In the afternoon, at seven o’clock, my father has gone for me and have come to Palma. When I arrived home I’ve showered and I have dinner.


Wednesday 07/07/10

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Today, I went in the morning at a friend’s house. In the morning we went for a walk in Palma. Then we went to his house to eat, and then we made a movie that gave on TV. In the afternoon we started playing with the computer and with “Uno.” In the evening we had dinner and we have seen another film by the computer.


Tuesday 06/07/10

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Today, I went to the swimmingpool with my father, my aunt and my friend. We went to the Forti. We arrived about twelve o’clock and we bathed. At two o’clock we went to the restaurant from top to eat. After lunch we returned to the swimmingpool and have been to six o’clock. After I went to my house, I showered, I dinner and I saw a little TV.